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Chapstick Holder Keychain DIY Tutorial

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DIY Chapstick Holder Kit

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Welcome! Do you find yourself constantly rummaging through your purse or bag to find your trusty chapstick, lip balm, lipstick, or gloss? In this SewSwank tutorial we will be providing the steps to create your own chapstick holder keychains using the SewSwank Neoprene Fabric DIY Kit. Never lose track of your chapstick again!

This DIY kit from SewSwank provides you with pre-cut pieces of high quality Neoprene Fabric and key rings in various quantities so you can make your own chapstick holders for yourself, family, and friends. Or give the DIY Chapstick Holder kit as a gift so your loved one can have all the fun! The kit also includes the instructions given below. This kit and tutorial is designed for beginner sewers and crafters – so have fun with it! (Video instructions will be available soon.)

Things you'll need.

Things you’ll need to make your chapstick holder keychain…

  • SewSwank Neoprene Chapstick Holder Keychain Kit
  • If you’re not using the above kit, you will need 1 piece of fabric that is 2″ x 7 3/8″, 1 piece of fabric that is 6/8″ x 3″, and 1 keyring. We recommend thicker fabric so that it will keep it’s structure (our Neoprene fabric is 2mm in thickness).
  • 1 sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Fabric marker or pencil
  • Paper clamps or pins
  • and chapstick, of course!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Take the large (2″ x 7 3/8″) piece and using your marker or pencil, about 1″ away from the top edge, mark a dotted line that is 1 2/8″ wide.

Step 2: Fold the large piece in half long ways that you can make a cut along the dotted line you created to create an opening. If you prefer a wider mouth, you can cut out more of a narrow rectangular shape.

Step 3: Fold the large piece in half to create the pouch. Because it’s thicker fabric, you may want to pin some of it closed so that it stays straight while you’re sewing. I used standard paper clamps. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the bottom of your thread length that’s big enough to not get pulled through the fabric. On the bottom left corner, insert your needle inside the 2 layers of fabric and poke the needle through the front, about 3/16″ in from the edge. The knot you created should be hidden between the 2 layers. Trim any excess thread peeking out.

Step 4: Sew a running stitch from the bottom left corner up to the top left corner. I chose a running stitch because of esthetics and it makes life easier sewing through the thicker fabric.

Step 5: Fold the small (6/8″ x 3″) piece in half. I chose to use the reverse (black) side to show. Slide the open end of the folded piece into the top opening of the large piece so that about 6/8″ sticks out of the top and creates a loop for the keyring. Again, you may want to pin or clamp the pieces together while you sew.

Step 6: Continue your running stitch along the top, also about 3/16″ in, to secure the top keyring loop, and then down the right side to complete the stitch.

Step 7: Tie a knot, trying to butt the knot against the fabric as much as possible. Insert your needle back into the fabric, between the 2 layers, right next to your knot. Pull the needle out from between the layers and cut your thread so that it’s hidden between the fabric.

Step 8: Attach your keyring and admire your awesome work!

SewSwank Neoprene Chapstick Holder Keychain completed.