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How to Cut Neoprene Fabric Cleanly and Easily

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Neoprene fabric is a wonderful and versatile fabric that can be used in an endless number of projects including fashion, athletic equipment, accessories, medical equipment, household items, crafts, and more. Neoprene laminated with various fabrics doesn’t fray when cut and keeps a clean edge – that is if you know how to cut it properly. Continue reading to find out our best tips and ideas for how to cut neoprene.

Self-Healing Cutting Mats

A self-healing cutting mat is your best friend when trying to cut with a rotary cutter. Simply lay your mat on any flat and sturdy surface, lay your neoprene fabric on top of the mat, and run your rotary blade over the fabric. I always prefer to cut along a straight edge of some kind – like a ruler or stencil.

Rotary Cutters & Blades to cut Neoprene

Rotary Blades For Cutting Neoprene

A rotary cutter, when sharp, cuts through neoprene fabric like butter. When paired with a rigid straight edge, you can create very accurate and clean cuts. I personally use the Fiskars brand 60mm cutter and blades. The larger size blades cut through even thicker neoprene such as 4 or 5mm. I also like the ergonomic grip on the Fiskars handle. There are many other good brands of rotary cutters and you can use the 45mm blades successfully, especially with the thinner fabrics (2mm). My biggest tip is to keep a clean and well sharpened blade. Especially with neoprene fabric, when your blade is dull, it creates a lot of jagged edges on your cut.

Best Scissors for Cutting Neoprene

Best scissors for cutting neoprene fabric.

Above are some examples of good quality fabric scissors or shears that will do a good job of cutting through the thick neoprene foam that is sandwiched between the fabric. As with the rotary cutters, the most important factor is keeping your scissors sharp. I recommend not using your fabric shears for rougher projects like cutting cardboard, thick papers or plastics.

Punch Tools for Cutting Neoprene Circles

There are punch tool sets or kits that have circles in varying diameters. They come with a spring loaded plunger that you can screw the circle punches onto, but you also can screw these punches onto a drill press. You can then use them to easily cut through neoprene fabric to make different sized circles. This tip isn’t mentioned from the makers of these kits, but we’ve personally done this to make circle shapes out of neoprene. A brand new light duty drill press is pretty inexpensive and easy to learn how to use. You may need to get a threaded adapter bit to be able to attach the punches to your drill press. Always make sure you’re familiar with how to use your equipment properly and safely before attempting any new projects with it.

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